Thursday, July 31, 2008

Paros Island, Greece

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Irene's View Villas - Agia Irini

Sunday 6/7 - George & his wife Irene are wonderful! As we haven't had a chance to get to the shops yet, they plied us with food & beer and Greek hospitality. There was a problem with the 3 bedroom villa so they have given us 2 x 2 bedroom villas. So we have our own villa & the kids have one right next door. The view from our balcony is spectacular. Blue skies, blue water, little islands and lots of sunshine. A hop skip & a jump to the swimming pool and a short stroll down the hill to the beach & the taverna. After we'd settled in, we took a taxi back to the Port, Parika and did some shopping. Then strolled down to the beach for dinner at the local Taverna.

Monday 7/7 - Slept late, bacon & eggs for breakfast, a dip in the pool, an hour in the sun while the kids went into Parika to hire a couple of scooters. Lunch, siesta, a dip in the pool, a couple of hours reading & drinking, dinner, drinking, & bed. Looks like this will be our daily itinerary for the next week!

Tuesday 8/7 - Much the same as yesterday, except Mark & I took one of the scooters into town to check our email. When we got back the kids took off to explore on the scooters. Found another local taverna/bar. Sipped cocktails & watched the sun go down, then enjoyed another greek feast.

Wednesday 9/7 - Another day in Paradise! The sea was so calm today. Mark & I lazed about the pool while the kids took off on the scooters again. We all played in the pool in the afternoon, had a siesta & pasta for dinner & the kids went up to Noussa to discover Paros by night!

Thursday 10/7 - Only a few days to go. The time is passing too quickly! We think the kids had a good time last night as they didn't get home until 5am. Mark & I took a scooter & headed into town to check our email & update our blog! Now it's back to Paradise for a swim, lunch, siesta & afternoon drinks. It's a tough life! It was quite windy today, but still hot. Cooked a BBQ dinner and had a quiet night at the villa.

Friday 11/7 - Mark & I hired a car in the morning. In the afternoon we did a tour of the island. It's not very big, it took as about 2hrs to drive around most of the island. Back to the villa to relax & have a siesta before dinner. Went to a very classy restaurant in Pounda (the next bay) for dinner.

Saturday 12/7 - Mark & I have to leave this afternoon, as our return flight from Athens to Dubai has been rescheduled & the ferry we were booked on for tomorrow does not give us enough time to get to the airport & checkin. So we relaxed in the morning & did our packing (while the kids slept). Then went into Parika about 4pm for drinks & an early dinner before our ferry departs at 7pm. Our ferry was cancelled due to rough we were transferred to a bigger ferry departing at 9pm. Passed the time sipping drinks & watching the sunset over the harbour with Club Med 2 in the foreground.

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