Thursday, July 31, 2008

London UK

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Citadines Hotel Trafalgar Square. Nice hotel & great location. Walking distance from the Tower of London & Buckingham Palace.

Saturday 21/6 - Finally arrived in London and got to our hotel about 10.30pm.

Sunday 22/6 - Believe it or not today the sun is shining here & Mark is happy because they have bacon & eggs. Walked along the Thames past London bridge. Did a beefeater tour of the Tower of London, saw the crown jewels & the armoury. Had lunch at a local cafe. Visited the Tower Bridge and walked across the top section (not as adventurous as the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb - we took the lift up). Walked back to our hotel stopped at the corner store to buy beer & wine and had a quiet drink in our room. Early evening we strolled down to the Palace, Lizzie wasn't answering her doorbell so we just looked about the grounds & took photos of the guards before heading back to Trafalgar Square for dinner.

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