Thursday, July 31, 2008

Halifax, Yorkshire, England, UK

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The Railway Inn. Not a very salubrious place, but the rooms were newly renovated & clean.

Wednesday 25/6 - On the move again. Took the train to Halifax (via Leeds). Halifax is where Mark's family originated from.

The Imperial Crown HotelVery nice & only 1 block from the train station.

Thursday 26/6 - Visited the Halifax library and chatted to the archivist to try to locate Blackmires Chapel. Took the bus to Shelf and meandered through a couple of cemeteries looking for relatives - no luck. Walked back down to Northowram (in the rain) & caught the bus back to Halifax. We spent a quiet evening in our hotel as the rain had set in.

Friday 27/6 - Went to Lister Lane Cemetery where Nathan Downsborough is buried but couldn't get in as the gates were locked & no-one around. It's a sad & neglected place but does look like some renovations have been started. Took the bus to the West End to try & find Blackmires Church - no one has ever heard of it. We found a Methodist Wesleyan Church but it was only built in 1889 and Blackmires is older...but it may have been replaced with this one. The blokes in the pub told us that the area around this Church was known as the swamp & Jeremiah & John lived at 3 & 5 The Swamp in 1851. The local cemetery had some old tombestones (1779) but it was so overgrown we couldn't walk around it.
Caught the afternoon train back to London.

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