Thursday, July 31, 2008

Athens, Greece

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Hotel Amalias - Amalias Avenue, Athens, Greece(near the Plaka, walking distance to the Acropolis)

Friday 4/7 - An early morning as we had to catch the 8am train to the airport for our flight to Athens. The flight was delayed (of course) and we finally arrived at our hotel at 3.30pm. Wandered out tom check out the free wi-fi spot in Syntagma Square - Mark & I enjoyed a drink while Bree played on facebook. Wandered further afield to find somewhere for dinner, found a great area filled with lots of cafes with outdoor tables. Had souvalaki, tzatziki & greek salad for dinner and meandered back to the hotel to fell into bed about midnight.

Saturday 5/7 - A lazy start to the day. It's quite hot here in Athens so we've decided to hang about the hotel until Aimee arrives then walk up to see the Acropolis when it's cooler. 4pm Aimee arrived and not long after her cousin Sancha dropped in to say hi. We will meet up with her at 9pm for dinner, after we've visited the Acropolis. 6pm The Acropolis is spectacular and there was a band tuning up in one of the ampitheatres - looks like there might be a concert on later tonight, the acoustics were awsome. The view over Athens was stunning. Pictures to follow! 9pm had dinner at a typical greek restaurant, meet Sancha's boyfriend for a quick drink before heading back to the hotel. Tara & Nick arrived while we were out.

Sunday 6/7 - A 4.30am wakeup call so we can get the train to the Port and the ferry to Paros. Bought business class tickets as we'd heard the ferries get packed. Glad we did! Standing room only out in economy class. 11.45am arrived Paros, Blue skies, blue water, whitewashed villas - we've found paradise! Took the bus to Agia Irini and phoned George to collect us from the bus stop. I didn't know it was possible to fit 6 big bags & 7 people into a Holden Astra - but it is!

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